To The Islands Charter Packages

View the To The Islands Charter Packages below or contact us to create a custom adventure.

To The Islands Charter Packages can take you on an adventure! Nothing beats the pleasure of spending the whole day or week at sea with good people, good food and great adventures. Create lasting memories with family and friends as we ride waves, explore coves, experience nature and watch the sun setting on the horizon.

Sunset Champagne Tours

Fremantle boasts arguably some of the best sunsets in the world. Queue up your romantic playlist, pop the cork on an expensive bottle and make sure your phone is charged up for some unbelievable selfie opportunities. 

Rottnest Island Tours

Explore Wadjemup, one of Western Australia’s most beautiful and popular locations from the sea and shore.  With dozens of coves to explore and quokka’s to meet, we make sure your Rottnest adventure is one to remember.

Carnac Island Tours

Ngooloormayap which means “Place of little brother” is the closest island to Perth. Just a 35 minute sail from our harbor is an oasis populated by Australian Sea Lions and Bottlenose Dolphins so grab a snorkel and let’s go!

Custom Charters

Sometimes you just want to experience life outside of a package. That’s why we’re all about customising your charter so you get to go where you want to and do what you love. Let the adventure begin.