About the Tropic Rover

A part of Australian Marine history

The Tropic Rover is a 60ft luxury ketch yacht with an amazing Aussie story. Originally designed to be an Eco Tours vessel for the great Ron Isbel, The Tropic Rover sailed it’s way into Australian and Hollywood History.

Tropic Rover History.

Ron Isbel was respected charter boat operator from Gladstone QLD, with salt water in his veins had an undying respect for Australian waters and it’s incredible reefs.The Tropic Rover was masterfully crafted in Gladstone and added to Ron’s Charter Fleet.

During her time with Ron, The Tropic Rover was chartered for more than just eco tours. Her sturdy build and smooth sailing made The Tropic Rover the perfect vessel for conducting scientific studies, documentary film making, dive charters and for Hollywood Movies! Ron’s reef knowledge was highly sought after and his vessel was regularly chartered by film and documentary crews and researchers who appreciated his insights.

Tropic Rover was chartered by the author of  the classic film Jaws, Peter Benchley, who spent time at on Tropic Rover studying the behaviour of sharks on the reef.

As well as assisting in production, research and location scouting for the movies, The Tropic Rover starred in documentaries, was used in the production of the TV Series “Flipper” and was chartered by National Geographic.

On 1 August 2009, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority named a reef in the Mackay/Capricorn Management Area of the Marine Park “Ron Isbel Reef “in honour of the great respect and knowledge Ron held of the reef.

The Tropic Rover has been lovingly restored to her full glory and is now ready to embark on new journey and create new memories with you on your charter adventure.