More than just a charter Yacht.

To the islands has already become so much more than it was intended to be. That’s not to say we didn’t have huge plans for this company. More that the company has already grown, naturally into something really special.

To the islands provides environmentally conscious adventure packages.

Meet The Owners.

Carl and Steve have ocean preservation at the forefront of every journey onboard Tropic Rover. This character-rich 60ft ketch yacht has been beautifully restored for private charters. The vessel has a remarkable and unique history. Forever mindful of the human impact on our environment, To The Islands want to do everything they can to ensure  your journey with them keeps the ocean pristine. 

A private charter experience with To The Islands will have you sailing through the crystal clear Indian ocean, surrounded by majestic landscapes, and an abundance of marine life. Whether you prefer to surf, fish, dive or just enjoy the breathtaking sunsets of the West Coast. The onboard chef will provide a phenomenal menu to suit all of your preferences. Providing only sustainably sourced seafood and locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy a tapas-style lunch or dinner upon request or simply enjoy our famous grazing platters with an abundance of local delicacies, cheese, dips and seasonal fruit.  Prepared  onboard by our passionate and experienced crew.

What are you waiting for join us To the Islands for your next event or ocean adventure?

The Yacht accommodates up to twenty individuals or sleeps up to nine for those who prefer a more extended ocean experience. 

To The Islands is for everyone.


Pirate Life Brewery

We’re not actual Pirates. We just align with some of their ideals. Do what you want when and wherever you want, drink what you want, or even develop an unhealthy bout of scurvy. Not that we recommend the scurvy. Instead of stealing and pillaging tangible items of value, we take inspiration from interesting brewers and breweries, chefs and restaurants or even scientists and engineers. If there is ever a better way of doing something we want to find out about it, research it and if we find there is a benefit to it we will implement it. Pirates made some pretty dodgy decisions when it came their own health, the health of others (blowing people out of the water was particularly detrimental) and the health of their surroundings. There needs to be balance. We need to make sure that we live well, that we take care of the environment and that we take care of each other. Good beer plays a big part in enriching our lives and that’s something we want to share with anyone’s nose and palate that is willing to tune in.